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Ultimate Comics X-Men By Nick Spencer Vol.2
As Pietro struggles with the aftermath of Stryker's attack on New York, the Scarlet Witch returns - with a warning. Then, Karen Grant, Liz Allen and Derek Morgan - Ultimate X - attempt to navigate their way through a strange new world when they discover SEAR, home of the People and mutantkind's last best hope. Plus: Nick Fury's covert mutant
Ultimate Comics X-Men By Nick Spencer Vol.1
The biggest mutant cover-up has gone public as the true history of the X-Gene is revealed. The U.S. government has been outed as the X-Gene's creator, and mutants have been branded terrorists. As an identity crisis rocks the mutant world, the mistrust between man and x-man gets deeper - and it is during this insanity that the X-Men emerge. Who are
Ultimate Comics X-Men #33
"World War X", concludes! Incredible conclusion WORLD WAR X! Kitty Pryde takes extraordinary measures, impacts the planet! In the postwar period, which is to take responsibility?
Ultimate Comics X-Men #32
"World War X" continues! Mad Utopia plan to end the war WORLD WAR X claims its first victim There will be war, finally, merge or split for good?
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