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Grimm Fairy Tales 2015 Halloween Special
Sela Mathers is asked to be a guest speaker at a small college, but what she doesn't realize is that the 3 Little Pigs from her past have some very big horrors in store for her! The 3 Little Pigs return, and this time, they've summoned an evil that may be too powerful for anyone to contain! Could this be the end for Professor Sela Mathers? Find
Blood Queen #01
32 pages | 41.4 мb.

Tags: Blood Queen Elizabeth Bathory Troy Brownfield
New dark fantasy epic begins here! In the fairy tale land of knights and magic, royal child life hangs in the balance. Summoned to rescue the princess, a young woman of untold power begins a journey that will reveal secrets to reveal forbidden desires and Stoke conflagration! Reign in Blood is about to be born! Inspired by nightmares of your youth
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland Clash Of Queens #04
Trickster's transformation plan all queens against each other in search of ebony blade finally over. The Queens prepare for battle gathering their troops as war looms on the horizon. A war that will change the landscape forever and wonders crown new undisputed queen who will rule them all. Tapping into an age of darkness
Grimm Fairy Tales Vol.14 (TPB)
143 pages | 181.8 мb.

Tags: Grimm Fairy Tales Belinda Sela Troy Brownfield
Grimm Fairy Tales returns to the horrific retelling stories that have made a number of so popular! Jack Frost brings a cold chill of death and destruction in the frightened people who have the misfortune to meet him. While the world is reeling from the events Unleashed, Sela and Belinda recently restored made ​​it their mission to help those
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