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The Wicked West
99 pages | 129.1 мb.

Tags: The Wicked West Robert Tinnell Todd Livingston
Year 1870, the place Texas border town Tanks Javer-ies. Cotton Coleridge is a person works from the past. And being new in town, it is one of the locals blamed when people start dying mysteriously. By the time the truth comes out, half the town is dead ... and come back. Cotton quickly with a gun, but the weapon did not work for vampires!
The Black Forest Vol.2
72 pages | 95.3 мb.

Tags: The Black Forest Todd Livingston Robert Tinnell
Observation of the graphic novel in the bestselling Rondo awards for best comic horror pilot Jack Shannon and mystic Archie Caldwell captive in a mysterious castle shadows, a scientist who has created a super-soldiers of the monkeys - and plans to use our heroes as subjects equally monstrous experiment! There is also a 11-page back-up story of the
The Black Forest Vol.1
112 pages | 162.4 мb.

Tags: The Black Forest Todd Livingston Neil Vokes
First World War, in the battle between good and evil, evil just got creative: The Germans are developing a mysterious weapon to break through the trenches. American pilot and Archie Jack Shannon Caldwell, greatest magician UK are sent behind enemy lines in the heart of the supernatural vortex, which is the Black Forest. There, in a remote castle,
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