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Heroes Reborn - Masters of Evil #01
Enter the new Chicago... a city that has responded to the tumultuous world around it by letting the criminals run the show. Chicago is their town. But it's not enough. In a tale of back-stabbing ambition and darkly comedic twists and turns, the Black Knight and his criminal cadre set plans into motion that will ensure them a prominent position in
Iron Man Annual #1-15 Complete
15 issues pages | 288.2 мb.

Tags: Iron Man Annual Iron Man Namor Titanium Man Hulk Space Phantom
This series accompanies Iron Man vol. 1 and Iron Man vol. 3. Published for fifteen issues until 1994.
Infinity - Heist #03
The crime of the century just got a little harder! Blizzard, the new ... uh ... Events put the whole team in danger - while true identity Titanium man is of this world! Frank Thierry and Al Barrionuevo bring twists to infinity Heist!
Iron Man - Titanium
Presenting four all- new titanic story of the golden avenger ! Fan- favorites Adam Warren and Salva Espin bring the Titanium Man out of retirement , but Tony Stark ready for the shocking renovation pint-sized hacker's given his old foe? PLUS ! Pepper Potts gets put through the wringer with a literally killer commute ! Can Tony and Maria Hill stop
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