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The Infinite Loop
171 pages | 270.1 мb.

Tags: The Infinite Loop Ano Teddy Ulysses Borges Tina
A science-fiction series that asks the age-old question, “What would you risk for a chance at true love?” Meet Teddy, a young woman who lives in a faraway future where time traveling is a common practice and her job is to maintain the status quo by correcting time paradoxes. But when she meets Ano, “a time paradox” and the girl of her
Where the Witches Lurk #01-06 Complete
6 issues pages | 162.3 мb.

Tags: Where the Witches Lurk Gina Gregory Tina
Gregory and his daughter, Tina and Gina, seek to remove the old witch on a simple suburban area outside, but the cat suddenly causes hiccups in their plans. Girls should take a moment to shine and overcome heated cannibalistic witch intent.
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