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Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz Reign Of The Witch Queen #01
Part 3 OZ epic trilogy begins! Witch Zamora and murderous commander were broken, but how long? As Thorn, Scarecrow, Iron Man, Smynth and Adraste rally good folks of Oz, civil war and threatens flying monkeys Hope area. Oz Dorothy Gale saved previously, but who will save him from Dorothy Gale?
The Emerald City of Oz #05
FINAL ISSUE! Nome King hordes pour in the Emerald City, is committed to the destruction of the Land of Oz, while Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, Ozma, and the rest of their friends can only wait and watch helpless. Scarecrow has a plan to save Oz, thanks to his deception of the brain, and Glinda the Good has another. Learn why it is, in fact, the last
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz #03
Dorothy travels to the land of Oz in search of Veridian scepter to bring her face to face with danger, one after another. Fortunately, along with the danger she also finds new allies in the Lion, Man Tin and scared ... but unknown to Dorothy and Glinda one of these new companions can not be noble friend they pretend to be.
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