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Thun'da TPB Vol.1
158 pages | 318.1 мb.

Tags: Thun'da Dynamite
After a military helicopter crashes in a remote valley in Africa, a lone survivor awakens without memory of his identity or mission. From the wreckage, he learns only his name: Roger Drum. Armed with instinctive survival skills, the amnesiac roams his new surroundings, discovering a bizarre lost world of dinosaurs, mammoths, sabretooth tigers, and
Bob Powell’s Complete Cave Girl
Lost masterpiece of cult artist Bob Powell! This luxurious hardcover collects in the early fifties Thun'Da Cave Girl stories, showing campy and sexy "Jungle Girl" Genre material on his leopard skin top! Mark Schultz (Xenozoic Tales) is an introduction. Includes essays by Eisner award-winning author James Vance (Kings In Disguise) and John Wooley
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