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Battlepug Vol.4 - The Devil's Biscuit
After one of his motley crew of adventurers goes missing, the last Kinmundian must split off from his friends and journey, alone, into the heart of the den of the pirate king to find him. The rest of the group must fend for themselves while Catwulf’s ferocious forces hunt them down. But with a Battlepug at their side, they at least have a
Battlepug Vol.3 - Sit. Stay. Die!
Last Kinmundian and his faithful Battlepug survived many trials on the way to confront the evil beast magician known as Catwulf, but their meeting with the Dead Walker may be their posledney.Trety tranche of the Eisner-winning comic strip sees our heroes climbing on the edge of death. Will they slip over the edge? Introduction Roger Stern!
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