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Vampirella - Feary Tales Vol.1 (TPB)
Nancy A. Collins (Swamp Thing, Sunglasses After Dark) has called upon some of today's finest creative talents — including Gail Simone, Steve Niles, Joe R. Lansdale, Devin Grayson, Stephen R. Bissette, and many more — to celebrate Vampirella's 45th Anniversary by crafting an anthology of twisted tales, bizarre bedtime stories, and fearsome
Vampirella Feary Tales #05
Final release! Vampirella in shock when she meets the narrator face to face pun happy, only to end up hip-deep in alligators in Steve Niles' swamp monster retelling of "The Frog Prince". Then, in a twisted take Nancy Collins "in the" Sleeping Beauty ", the main character from the original Warren run again when Vampirella, finally discovers the
Vampirella Feary Tales #03
Vampirella still trapped inside a nightmarish dark realm of fairy tales books Feary, tormented disembodied voice of a mysterious narrator, and her only hope of escaping is, if it can survive disgusting mess of familiar fairy tales, until it reaches the last story, but first she needs to sustain Stephen R. Bissette (Swamp Thing) and Denis St.
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