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The Mocking Dead #05
36 pages | 44.4 мb.

Tags: The Mocking Dead Aaron Bunch Malik
After DIA agents Bunch Malik and uncover a link between long-lost film Mocking the dead and undead plague real life, keeping the globe - and you have to see to believe! But with the zombie apocalypse rapidly reaching the point of return if they can stay alive long enough to get it to military time?
The Mocking Dead #04
31 pages | 44.2 мb.

Tags: The Mocking Dead Aaron Bunch Malik
DIA agents Bunch Malik and finally arrive at the estate, where a long lost print film mocking the Dead can be found ... but it's time to save the world is unraveling at the seams from the threat of the creatures?
The Mocking Dead #03
Attention, Box-Mart shoppers. There is a sale on the brain, intestines and other internal organs in the aisle two, twelve, twenty, thirty-four, eighty-six, one hundred and third, and ... Well, all the passages really, because the whole store was captured mocking BRRAAAAHHHHHHHH DEAD!
The Mocking Dead #02
Hilarious and spurting artery continues the epic battle for Pittsburgh is as hordes descend Mocking the dead - and pop culture-inspired battle Aaron Bouquet plan put to the test! Will Internet nerds of Tinseltown department DIA save the city - or the chance to bring her to the brink of total zombie apocalypse?
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