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The Accelerators #15 - Relativity 5 of 5
30 pages | 48.5 мb.

Tags: The Accelerators Other comics
Futures collide as the Relativity arc reaches its deadly conclusion! Spatz comes face to face with his older self, who reveals the true extent of his time-travel powers... and his insanity. This enemy seems unstoppable: he knows everything, can't be reasoned with, and will kill to get what he wants. Can anyone survive?
The Accelerators Vol.1 - Time Games
A band of reluctant time travelers find themselves trapped in a future where time travel has left the world in ruins. There, they become prisoners of the Time Games, a gladiator arena that steals people from different points in history and forces them to fight for the pleasure of the crowd. They struggle to survive the Games and escape from this
The Accelerators #05
32 pages | 49 мb.

Tags: The Accelerators R.F.I. Porto Gavin Smith
How dreadful Playtime rush to its deadly climax of our time traveling heroes realize that all of their adventures can be part of a larger plan. Someone was interference with the past, and nothing was left to chance. Now, all roads lead to the future. Will they escape in time?
The Accelerators #04
23 pages | 47.4 мb.

Tags: The Accelerators 2013
Past and future collide! Past: Our heroes find themselves embroiled in a dangerous experiment of time travel. Future: Bertram faces his wildest game Time challenge yet.
The Accelerators #03
Two reluctant time travelers find themselves trapped in a nightmarish future where time travel has become a deadly game. Bertram was the favorite of the public, and forced to keep fighting in the Games. Meanwhile, Spatz is brought to meet the creator of the game and find out more about this strange future in which it is in a quandary.
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