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Supreme - Blue Rose #07
33 pages | 53.8 мb.

Tags: Supreme - Blue Rose Darius Dax Diana Dane Supreme
Miniseries CONCLUSION Concluding the story of superhero fiction went wrong with the final confrontation between Diana and Ethan, between the agents and operators of the split timing, as well as between Darius Dax and the nature of the universe. It was suggested that a lot of questions and answers will kill people.
Supreme - Blue Rose #06
33 pages | 56 мb.

Tags: Supreme - Blue Rose Diana Dane Warren Ellis
Things are closing in Littlehaven. Barely escaping from the city center with my life, Diane Dane must solve the puzzle before Ethan Crane agents this world and the other to stop her from understanding the true nature of the "supreme non-state".
Supreme - Blue Rose #05
33 pages | 62.3 мb.

Tags: Supreme - Blue Rose Warren Ellis Tula Lotay
We could introduce you to Dr. Colonel Rex Ellingwood Richards III. He likes people to call him Doc missiles. He was a completely different historical stream, and he is delighted, and frankly a relief to meet you.
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