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Cataclysm - Ultimate Comics Ultimates #01
Nick Fury defied the odds all his life and is no stranger to the extinction level events. It's time to save the world again ... at any price!
Adventures of Superman #30
When a young boy turns into a horrible monster, Superman is faced with an impossible decision - to destroy the monster or to save the boy? "In custody" Part 2 of 2.
X #07
Manipulative setter lieutenant instructed Ruidoso rookie team and other honest cops to capture X, knowing that X code will not let him fight back dead. As X battle Dogs of War in toxic sewer Arcadia, Ruidoso has to make a choice.
Legends of the Dark Knight #72
The Dark Knight must find out why the victims of the creature dies, even if they escape the first attack - because its main ally in the GCPD lies dying in the hospital! "Hell's Bells" Part 3.
Adventures of Superman #25
"Flowers for Bizarro" part 1 of 3. After duking it out with Bizarro, Superman enlists the help of Dr. Emil Hamilton who sheds new light on Bizarro's condition ... including a possible cure!
Smallville - Titans #02
Back to school Garrick, young Titans regroup. But when a mysterious figure who set up the events of the attack on the pier, everything falls apart! "Titans" Part 2 of 4.
Adventures of Superman #24
Superman discovers the shocking truth about ... Krypton and the villain behind it all! "Tears For Krypton" Part 3 of 3.
Invincible Universe #07
The most mysterious member of the Board of Trustees receives a well-deserved vacation, but will be a day off to Le Brusier turn dog day afternoon? Plus, villainoussss returnssss threat!
Batman - Odyssey #01-08
250 pages | 193,55 мb.

Tags: comics superhero Collection DC
Batman walked around the time of death and time again, but that all ends in this issue with the painful reality of hell. It's surreal - yet all too real - a journey into his personal hell. Batman will never be the same.
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