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Mortal Kombat X #36
The final chapter of Mortal Kombat X, Sub-Zero attempts to end the cyber threat once and for all ... and surprising ally joins his cause.
Mortal Kombat X #35
25 pages | 21.7 мb.

Tags: Mortal Kombat X Bo' Rai Cho Cyrax Sektor Sub-Zero
It's Sub-Zero vs. the entire Cyber Lin-Kuei clan in this one-of-a-kind chapter!
Mortal Kombat X #16
Assassin. Cyborg. Agent of Quan Chi. Witness Kuai Liang's epic journey in SEKRET ORGIN: SUB-ZERO!
Mortal Kombat X #14
Scorpio squares off against Sub-Zero in the epic struggle you have been waiting for! Meanwhile, the army Ciocan makes his move on the cat Cana!
Mortal Kombat X #11
Scorpion and Raiden must work together to save Takeda from hand to Neatherrealm-ies. Plus: What happened to the Sub-Zero? And what's really going on with daggers Kamidogu? All will be revealed!
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