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Web Warriors of the Spider-Verse Vol.1 - Electroverse
Your favorite web-slinging wonders from SPIDER-VERSE, together on one titanic team! Spider-Gwen, Spider-UK, Arana "Spider-Woman" Corazon, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man India and the porktacular Spider-Ham have banded together to protect the worlds without wall-crawlers from their base on Earth-001. But when Electro and his own army of
Spider-Verse #01
Spinning out of the events of verse SPIDER team Spiders are themselves face to face with Battleworld! Cast-SPIDER Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man: India, MAYDAY Parker, Spider-UK and SPIDER-HAM!
Amazing Spider-Man Vol.2 - Spider-Verse Prelude
Step on the edge of Spider-Verse! In 2099, Superior Spider-Man lives - but how? Otto takes the fight in Carn when a man works his way through the multiverse leaving a trail of dead spiders in his wake, but considers himself hopelessly overpowered. There will be time lost Superior Spider find enough allies to make a dent in the plans of Karn's?
Spider-Verse Team-Up #03
SPIDER-VERSE TIE-IN! The whole group of spiders team, but that the mission takes five spiders? Spider-Girl team reunites for a story about the Mayday and mystery spider!
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