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I Hate Fairyland #01
33 pages | 41 мb.

Tags: I Hate Fairyland Gert Skottie Young
Superstar SKOTTIE YOUNG (Rocket Raccoon, Wizard of Oz) makes his Image debut with an ALL-NEW SERIES! The Adventure Time/Alice in Wonderland-style epic that smashes its cute little face against Tank Girl/Deadpool-esque violent madness has arrived. In an adventure that ain't for the little kiddies, (unless you have super cool parents, then
Rocket Raccoon #11
22 pages | 46.5 мb.

Tags: Rocket Raccoon Skottie Young
Any book Half-world really exist? Or is this just one big HOAX? Finally, it really one rocket in the world? You'll laugh, you'll cry, you wish you were a raccoon! (I mean a gun-wielding, smack-talking tough guy, who happens to be covered in fur!)
Rocket Raccoon #10
22 pages | 47.6 мb.

Tags: Rocket Raccoon Groot Skottie Young
As the best gun wielding, pickpocketing, smack talking raccoon is, skills missiles are going to get put to the ultimate test. Is he alone?! Find out once and for all.
Rocket Raccoon #07
23 pages | 39.4 мb.

Tags: Rocket Raccoon Groot Skottie Young
It's a cosmic disaster like Rocket tries to correct his past ... uh ... bad calls! Next stop: a terrible winter of the planet! Winter all the time? Worst. Planet. Ever. Rocket Raccoon missiles in our hearts series favorite Marvel fans worldwide!
Rocket Raccoon #02
23 pages | 61.3 мb.

Tags: Rocket Raccoon Skottie Young
Framed. The most famous Raccoon in the galaxy was arrested and falsely accused of murder! The real killer? Pretender Procyon, that seems to be one step ahead of the Rocket at every turn. Now, it's up to Rocket certain someone from Planet X, to find the truth!
I Am Captain America #01
Missed one of this summer's' I Am Captain America "variants? This collection has you covered! Thanks to the work of superstar artists such as Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, Marko Đurđević, Alex Maleev, Skottie Young, and Ed McGuinness, these inspiring images depict hardworking, everyday Americans whose service would make Steve
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