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Shadowman - End Times
Collects Shadowman: End of Time # 1-3! Death comes to all ... Jack Boniface thinks he's finally fixed their lives - and the source of dark forces within him. But when there is a figure from the past to reveal the disturbing truth about his fate, the latter will be forced to Shadowman run the gauntlet of their darkest fears realized: the growth of
Shadowman - End Times #03
Curse shadow loa terrible cross to bear ... and Jack Boniface about to be crushed by it. As the army makes war invisible voodoo Shadowman, tortured spirit within Jack begins to consume his soul - and make a final confrontation with his worst enemy, Master Darque ... once and for all.
Shadowman - End Times #02
33 pages | 43.7 мb.

Tags: Shadowman - End Times Master Darque Shadowman
Return of the Master Darque! Only one person can help Shadowman now ... his worst enemy! Forced to confront the greatest shock of his life, Jack Boniface accelerates down the self-destructive spiral he may never recover from. Extermination of wild and evil spirits Loa that have plagued New Orleans at any cost, Jack left himself with nothing to
Shadowman - End Times #01
34 pages | 43.9 мb.

Tags: Shadowman - End Times Shadowman Peter Milligan
End time now! Master storyteller Peter Milligan Shadowman pushed to the edge - but Jack Boniface can survive the plunge? Jack thought he finally fixed his life - and the source of his dark power. However, when a figure from the past comes from disturbing revelations about his fate, new Shadowman plummet into the abyss far darker than any demon.
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