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The Hope Virus (GN)
100 pages | 38.7 мb.

Tags: The Hope Virus Sean O'Reilly Owen Gieni
Herbert is an outcast at school and engaged in his gloomy boredom through its website After struggling with the installation of the school and its unusual case of insomnia, Herbert falls into a deep coma. He awakens to realize that his blog became one of the most cited and influential writings history.Helen, a young girl
Ezra - Egyptian Exchange (TPB)
129 pages | 66.6 мb.

Tags: Ezra - Egyptian Exchange Ezra Sean O'Reilly
In medieval mercenary Ezra can always hire ... for the right price. She took on the job of a deadly group of thieves led by Barack Bacillus, take the sword of Turin and swap it with the Eye of the Snake. But before we even began her quest, she finds herself in chains and held captive on the ship in the robber. It will need more than her looks to
Ezra - Evoked Emotions #01-03 Complete
3 issues pages | 36.2 мb.

Tags: Ezra - Evoked Emotions Ezra Sean O'Reilly
Born under the Black Sun, Ezra had a unique upbringing in life. Her parents were killed when she was young and she was badly scarred on her body. But with the death of her brother, and the realization that it is much more than a man, scars she still carries run deep. Usually Ezra is a rogue mercenary for hire ... but it just started to quest that
The Steam Engines of Oz - Volume 1
Arcana Comics and Steampunk Originals collects the first four chapters of ONF epic steampunk future , set in the world of Oz . One hundred years after the witch is killed, the Emerald City is ruled once resurrected hero, and salvation comes from the unlikely key young Victoria Wright . She comes to find out the smallest of actions can have far
The Steam Engines of Oz - The Geared Leviathan #01
In Locomotives of Oz is back in a brand new story! Lone scavenger has a chance encounter with the twins tied to the infamous past of Oz, the father looking for his lost sons fallen hero on the path to redemption, and a former prisoner of adjusting to life among rough N 'drying Munchkins. Back to the future world of Steampunk Oz is 100 years after
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