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Our Mother #1 - GN
52 pages | 72.5 мb.

Tags: Our Mother Mother Retrofit Comics Retrofit
Our Mother is a comedy about growing up with a parent who has an anxiety order. Luke Howard mixes genres to tell an utterly open personal reflection about his childhood and his relationship with his mother. Jumping between noir, giant robots, fantasy adventure, and even scientific animal research, Luke brings a very intimate story to life with
I Thought YOU Hated ME #1 - GN
26 pages | 33.6 мb.

Tags: I Thought YOU Hated ME Hated Retrofit Comics
When MariNaomi first meets Mirabai in grade school, Mirabai seems to be more of a bully than a friend. But over the course of time, their relationship shifts from tense to friendly, to drifting apart, to reconnecting and finding something much deeper. I Thought YOU Hated ME is a comics memoir about female friendship, a story that doesn't involve
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