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Retief and the Warlords #01-04
4 issues pages | 85.3 мb.

Tags: Retief and the Warlords Retief
Adaptation of the Keith Laumer Sci-Fi novel of the same name.
Keith Laumer's Retief - The Graphic Album
Collects the 6 issue Mad Dog Graphics Retief series.
Keith Laumer's Retief #01-06 (Mad Dog)
6 issues pages | 226 мb.

Tags: Keith Laumer's Retief Retief Keith Laumer
Comic book adaptation of Keith Laumer's Retief stories, following the adventures of morally ambiguous interstellar diplomat Jame Retief of the Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne (CDT). This mini series was followed by another Mad Dog Graphics adaptation based on the series, Retief of the CDT, before the license moved to Apple and then Adventure
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