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The Legend of Wonder Woman #26
As Diana tries to keep the Titan from destroying the families in the battle zone, she calls upon the magic of Gaia.
The Legend of Wonder Woman #25
The Titan has awoken, forcing Wonder Woman to confront her most powerful foe. Her friends would stand behind her, but they’ve got their own battles to fight!
The Legend of Wonder Woman #15
Surprised by an old friend on the streets of Boston, Diana redoubles her efforts to join the war. She can’t enlist, but nurses are needed on the front lines, and ships leave Boston Harbor every week.
The Legend of Wonder Woman #03
Will Alcippe, an Amazon warrior of great renown, trust her instincts and take on a new pupil?
The Legend of Wonder Woman #02
Princess Diana is the only person who senses the trials facing her beloved home, but her mortality makes it difficult for the other Amazons to trust her intuition.
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