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Red Light Properties #00 - The Freebie
17 pages | 29.9 мb.

Tags: Red Light Properties Cecilia Tobin Jude Tobin
First taste is always free! Welcome to the world of Jude and Cecilia Tobin, exorcist / realtors who cleanse haunted houses spirits of their ramshackle team of paranormal experts ... and sell them at below market prices, even YOUR BROKE ASS can afford!
Red Light Properties #09 - The Hot Seat
26 pages | 37.8 мb.

Tags: Red Light Properties Jude Tobin Dan Goldman
The main interview that Cecilia configure promised greater exposure to SFM, but it's all blown to hell when Judas flakes, and forget to pay the electric bill. But the show must go on ... in the dark ... without A / C. Jude Tobin, welcome to the Hot Seat!
Red Light Properties #08 - Golden Palms Part II
20 pages | 34.1 мb.

Tags: Red Light Properties monkeybrain Comics
Image capture camera on the spiritual Zoe has scared everyone in the room. But the fact that it shows the development of Judah takes on another shaman as art ... if it survives the process. Join Red Light District Properties as they earn a number of new bands in custody "Golden Palms."
Red Light Properties #07 - Golden Palms Part I
39 pages | 68.3 мb.

Tags: Red Light Properties Dan Goldman
Day "test" Red Light Properties' on their possible future business partners arrived. Jude and the team tasked to enter the Golden Palms assisted living facility and clean spirit frightened old woman ... but what they find when they arrive they could not prepare yourself for.
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