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Real Heroes #01-04 Complete (Pizza Hut)
4 issues pages | 37.9 мb.

Tags: Real Heroes Doctor Doom Hulk Namor Magneto
A weekly comic series that was give out free with an order of a kids meal at Pizza Hut. Each comic included trading cards.
Real Heroes #04
41 pages | 78.6 мb.

Tags: Real Heroes Bryan Hitch
The cast of Olympians movie was taken in a world where their fiction is reality. Responding to a question, to save the world, they were scattered and terrifi ed as mutants and Brainchild came after them. Now the terrible truth about this world and its characters is revealed as a Ravager comes to rip the Earth apart.
Real Heroes #02
33 pages | 61.6 мb.

Tags: Real Heroes Bryan Hitch Dave Gibbons
The cast of Olympians superhero film franchise was asked to save the world. It can not end well.
Real Heroes #01
35 pages | 80.1 мb.

Tags: Real Heroes Brainchild The Olympian Tiny Titan
They are the six most famous actors in the world and together they play Olympians greatest superhero film franchise in history. You would have to ask them to save the world? They may be our only hope ...
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