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DC Comics Essentials - Identity Crisis #01
Award-winning novelist Brad Meltzer's critically acclaimed limited series redefined superhero storytelling, offering readers a look in the dark and dangerous sides of super-heroism that blur the lines between right and wrong-and reveal the consequences of actions. This excerpt from IDENTITY CRISIS is a part of just one of the titles featured in
Black Condor (1-12 series) Complete
12 issues pages | 127.6 мb.

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This 12-issue series features the debut of the second Black Condor. This character, created by series creators Rags Morales and Brian Augustyn, was a serious departure from the Golden Age Black Condor. This new Black Condor, Ryan Kendall, had no desire to be a superhero, and was content to protect his area of the world: the New Jersey pinelands.
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