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Batman - Birth of the Demon
The demon and the detective Ra's al Ghul has spent half a millennium creating a criminal empire like no other. But when his preternaturally long life comes to an end, who will carry on as his successor? Having produced only daughters, Ra's will stop at nothing to secure a male heir. Batman makes an unlikely ally for the Demon, but the Dark Knight
Batman-Houdini - The Devil's Workshop
Summary : Someone is stealing the children of Gotham City. There is also a new creature of the night people are calling The Batman. One night someone sees the Batman near a wagon of kids, and surmises that he is stealing the children. This peaks the interest of visiting escape artist and showman Harry Houdini. So he makes a promise to help the
Detective Comics Vol.4 - The Wrath
Caped Crusader disputed secret 900 in a special celebration of fairy tales 900 rooms, out-of Detective Comics! In addition, Batman faces two new enemies: Emperor penguin and deadly vigilante known as Wrath, dark analogue Dark Knight. Collects Detective Comics # 19-24 and Detective Comics Annual # 2.
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #08
Diana and her friend Candy Eta admire Ras al Gul, but it is not the most amazing soul they meet.
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