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Protectors Inc. Vol.1
Chicago looking for Protectors Inc., a corporation leasing super-powered men and women, franchises and characters and press secretaries ... Making money and enjoy the prestige and power in the world without a super-powered bad guys. But when one of the defenders found murdered, the trail starts to one of his other teammates. None of them wants to
Protectors Inc. #03
Lieutenant Detective John Riley gets the most important and perhaps the most dangerous assignment history: Hunter investigate the mysterious death. All around Riley wants him to classify it as an accidental death, or death from natural causes. But Riley suspects murder, and intends to follow this suspicion wherever it leads ... even if it is at
Protectors Inc. #01
Protectors, Inc: Heroes in a world without super-powered bad guys. Heroes with corporate sponsors and too polite rivalry and sports franchises. Heroes with nothing and no one to fight ... until one of them was killed in a way that can only be achieved by someone with equal powers. Uncovering secrets falls to Detective Lt. John Riley, an ordinary
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