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Dept. of Monsterology - Sabbaticals #02
Following issue 1's cliffhangers, Samwi and Professor Jang come under attack from the Yeti-like Yeren as Tovar journeys into the earth with an ancient necrophage cult. The dinosaur riding Nazi pygmies are all set to eat Amelia as Victor explores a seemingly deserted Nazi base. And we find out what the most haunted house has in store for Belasco
Dept. of Monsterology - Sabbaticals #03
As the Lamont Foundation's mercenaries close in on Samwi and Professor Jang, hired killers are not the only entities out to end their lives. Calvary's plan to resurrect his wife may have deadly side effects for Belasco and Emma. Meanwhile, on a sunny island in South America, dinosaurs and mad Nazi scientists are hell bent on making sure all
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