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Pathfinder Vol. 3 - City Of Secrets
The Pathfinder heroes head to the city of Magnimar, and danger isn't far behind. As the wizard Ezren seeks an audience with the Pathfinder Society, his adventuring allies explore the city's ancient magic, well-hidden secrets, and deep political divides. The dangers and opportunities of the big city could bring the adventurers closer together —
Pathfinder - City of Secrets #06
39 pages | 69.9 мb.

Tags: Pathfinder - City of Secrets Jim Zubkavich
Heroes Pathfinder were tested Tyne city and by the end of this chapter, it will leave its mark on them. Divided, betrayed, and replay at every turn, can the group go to ... and this is where their adventure ends? Awards Paizo game world is brought to life in a pulse-pounding adventure comics! Each issue contains bonus material rules and
Pathfinder - City of Secrets #1
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