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The Pink Panther Super-Pink Special #1
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, or is it Craylegs Crane? No! It's the Pink Panther! Swooping in to save the day it's a full issue of Pink Panther super heroics in the classic animation style of Frez Freling's timeless character! Join Pink and his crew as they save the day from the menacing villains of cartoondom. This special issue is guaranteed
Pink Panther Vol.3 #04
36 pages | 26.5 мb.

Tags: Pink Panther Other comics Panther
Halloween is here and the Pink Panther is treating us all to a special new comic filled with spooky seasonal tales! These are no ordinary scary stories...these are campfire "tails" from the cool cat himself and all of his Pink pals are joining in on the fun. Get your costume and treat bag ready for the pinkest Halloween ever and be sure to say the
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