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Painkiller Jane - The 22 Brides #03
We continue to assault, Jane takes the fight in the air and find out who is behind all the explosions! Plus: One of the bride's life changed forever. 22 BRIDE concludes here!
Painkiller Jane - The 22 Brides #02
Jane and BRIDE 22 to sense the next target in the state of New York underground terrorist group and a race against time to stop it before it killed hundreds. This issue also features guest pin-ups.
Painkiller Jane - The 22 Brides #01
Double sized FIRST ISSUE! PAINKILLER JANE: Romance and chaos in the air, Jane joined a group of mercenaries called murderers BRIDE 22 as they take down a group of terrorists, causing havoc in New York. Also featured is a MONSTER featuring Jane on the hunt for a killer with art by Steve Mannion.
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