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Jamilti and Other Stories #1 - HC
Exit Wounds -- a tale at once mystery and romance -- introduced North American readers to the colorful and tightly woven narrative by Rutu Modan and was included inTime and Entertainment Weekly's "best of" lists. Jamilti and Other Stories collects the cartoonist's short works that lead the reader through unexpected turns of plot and unusual
Grave Business And Other Stories #1
Even in an era of explicit horror films, "Ghastly" Graham Ingels still delivers a shock to readers with his grisly depictions of the stomach-churning fates of the evil men (and women) in these stories—leavened only by a sly wink to the reader and a generous dose of dreadful puns. Ingels' brushwork oozes ominously across every panel, perfectly
Dawn - The Swordmaster's Daughter & Other Stories
In his first new Dawn comic in three years, JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER brings to life three classic tales as only Dawn can. 'THE SWORDMASTER'S DAUGHTER' shows a young Dawn inspiring Darrian to become a master swordsman. In 'SAMSARA,' Dawn learns that Death is never late for an appointment. And in 'THE WHITE PHOENIX,' Dawn shows Darrian if it is right
Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens - Incubus and Other Stories #1
Dark Horse and 2000 AD team up to bring you a collection of the classic stories Predator versus Judge Dredd and Judge Dredd versus Aliens in one handsome hardcover. It’s up to Dredd to keep innocent blood out of the gutters of Mega-City One as he holds off the universe’s most efficient killing machines. Art by Alcatena, Henry Flint, Greg
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