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Origin II #05
22 pages | 38.5 мb.

Tags: Origin II Sabretooth Wolverine
Witness the beginning of the end! Like Assassin's something sinister plots can reclaim Logan humanity? Kieron Gillen (THOR) and Adam Kubert (AVX) to bring the story of Logan start to finish!
Origin II #04
23 pages | 31.7 мb.

Tags: Origin II Clara Mr. Sinister Sabretooth Wolverine
The penultimate issue! Logan, Clara and faith are on the run from Sinister ... but maybe something sinister Logan offer he can not refuse? Secret Kryda shown!
Origin II #03
25 pages | 37.5 мb.

Tags: Origin II Wolverine Kieron Gillen
Logan: in a cage! Abused by devious prisoners clawed man of the woods can find one thing he thought he lost - humanity. Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert uncover the mystery of human life, which will be Wolverine!
Origin II #02
24 pages | 36.8 мb.

Tags: Origin II Mr. Sinister Sabretooth Wolverine
Without his family, Logan tries to continue Meanwhile, word clawed wild man in the woods hunting and civilization reached to grab it first begins! And enter ... CREED.
Origin II #01
34 pages | 53.5 мb.

Tags: Origin II Mr. Sinister Wolverine
Thanks acetate cover edition collectable! Part 1 of 5 ! A few years after the events of Origin is James Howlett running with the wolves ... until something unexpected does not return it to the world to follow the first "X-Man", as he finds his way back to civilization and falls against someone Sinister, who are just discovering the mutants and the
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