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Oracle #9 - The She-Wolf
29 pages | 52.9 мb.

Tags: Oracle Soleil
Oracle #8 - The Hero
26 pages | 50.1 мb.

Tags: Oracle Soleil
Oracle #1-7 Complete
7 issues pages | 1012.4 мb.

Tags: Oracle Soleil
Oracle Vol.1 - Oracle of Delphi
62 pages | 96.2 мb.

Tags: Oracle Soleil
She is the Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi, the Messenger of the Gods, dedicated to the worship of Apollo. She knows the future, but gains no profit from the present. She lives confined in her temple, protecting the gift that makes her one of the most powerful women in Greece – until her power is taken from her, and her last vision shows the dark
Supergirl Vol.4 - Out of the Past
Supergirl's world has been shattered! Kara searches the stars for a new home, only to encounter one of Superman's deadliest enemies in his New 52 debut: Cyborg Superman! Collects SUPERGIRL #21-26, ACTION COMICS #23.1: CYBORG SUPERMAN and SUPERMAN #25!
Convergence - Nightwing - Oracle #2
The new mega-crossover company DC, in which the return to life of all the best and loved the history of this company, and that means the end of the line of comics The New 52!
The Westwood Witches #03
People witches Saturday went horribly wrong. Now one of the demon worshipers dead, and Jack knows the truth about his beautiful-yet-deadly neighbors. They can not spell, witches have no choice but to turn to Oracle, his former friend that was crazy because of the revelations of Baphomet.
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