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Operation - S.I.N. #05
The Truth Behind S.I.N. Exposed! Not everyone gets from Russia in one piece! Peggy and the gang face impossible to solve the terrible consequences of this conclusion, the rocket!
Operation - S.I.N. #04
Howard once again proves that he can not control (ships). Peggy and the gang crash headlong into the Hydra-term outpost of the Gulag as a ragtag crew of Soviet scientists opens a portal between the worlds! But it turns out, they release an ancient horror looking for his favorite ...?!
Operation - S.I.N. #03
Peggy Howard and Woody go to the ends of the earth to find half of the puzzle ...?! Who works in the city last Gulag? Hydra! That's who! And who is the woman hiding among them? Who is a man named Vanko? And why can not bear to say Woody trust? When interests collide worlds crack as Immonen and Ellis continued his rage across Siberia!
Operation - S.I.N. #02
When the UFO fire to Moscow because Howard can keep your finger off the button, Peggy and the team go into hiding, but which one is already secretly? Woodrow McCord struggling with a bear! Peggy Howard punches in the face! Kathryn Immonen Fireworks team and rich Ellis include heater and disconnect a continuing adventures Agent Carter!
Operation - S.I.N. #01
Binding in the explosive events of original sin, see untold story of the origins of the Universe Marvel! After an alien energy source discovered in Russia in the early 1950s, it is up to Peggy Carter and Howard Stark, to find out what happened. But recently climbed a terrorist group by the name of Hydra also happens to be on the hunt for their own
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