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Grimm Tales of Terror April Fool's 2017 - One-Shot #1
The high class, comedy stylings of Zenescope Entertainment returns this April for another edition in the long awaited, first ever, sought after by at least eight people, 2017 Tales of Terror April Fool's Edition. Four Tales of Terror stories are re-lettered with alternate story-lines and some alternate artwork to create brand new takes on past
Grimm Fairy Tales - Animated (One-Shot)
27 pages | 35.8 мb.

Tags: Grimm Fairy Tales Animated One-Shot gfta Zenescope
Grimm Fairy Tales - a comic book series in the horror genre, produced publisher Zenescope Entertainment. Each comic in the series is one of the classic fairy tales, a completely new form by changing the stories in a more brutal and modern form.
Cocomalt Big Book of Comics (one-Shot)
52 pages | 26 мb.

Tags: Chesler one-shot
An anthology comic book collecting a wide array of cartoon animal, humour, western and sci-fi comics as well as a few featuring the Cocomalt chocolate drink mascot, that would be considered very racially politically incorrect by today's standards.
14 pages | 36.8 мb.

Tags: Pumpkin IDW one-shot 2013

Pumpkin (2013)

Publisher: IDW
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