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Books of Faerie, The-Molly's Story #01-04
4 issues pages | 71.1 мb.

Tags: Books of Faerie The-Molly's Story Molly Oberon
The most popular supporting character from THE BOOKS OF MAGIC takes center stage in an exciting miniseries. Living on Earth, Molly is miserable; she's under a Faerie curse, she's left her boyfriend (Tim Hunter of THE BOOKS OF MAGIC), and her family is a nightmare. But when King Auberon of Faerie is captured by an unknown enemy, Molly is given the
Justice League International Vol.5
In this new volume collecting the Justice League International Annual # 2-3 and Justice League Europe # 1-6, the team reborn as the Justice League Europe, showing that the outbreak, power girl, Metamorpho, animal man and elongated Man.
The Death of Superman
Below are a summary of land issues in this book. For the most part they have been copied from the pages on comicvine for your convince.
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