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New Mutants #1-13 Complete
13 issues pages | 631.9 мb.

Tags: New Mutants Mutants Marvel
The original New Mutants return! But what happens when these "new" mutants find out Prof. Xavier's up-and-coming students think of them as the "Old Mutants"? Former students become the teachers as the old guard is asked back to teach and train the next generation of X-Men! Sofia Mantega goes to the U.S. from Venezuela to live with the father she
New Mutants Classic Vol.5
270 pages | 575.5 мb.

Tags: New Mutants Classic New Mutants Mutants Marvel
Mutantkind's best class takes a road trip via the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard and medieval magical madness, with evil god Loki to guide them to all the wrong places! Then, it's back to class under a new schoolmaster: the master of magnetism, Magneto! The ex-terrorist has turned teacher to atone for his crimes, but even if the New Mutants and the
Special Edition X-Men
Features copying Giant Size X-Men # 1, accompanied by a new story taking place now.
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