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New Mutants #1-13 Complete

New Mutants #1-13 Complete

The original New Mutants return! But what happens when these "new" mutants find out Prof. Xavier's up-and-coming students think of them as the "Old Mutants"? Former students become the teachers as the old guard is asked back to teach and train the next generation of X-Men!

Sofia Mantega goes to the U.S. from Venezuela to live with the father she never met after the tragic death of her mother. She is largely neglected by her father who is pretty much ashamed of her mutant nature. She is primarily taken care of by her butler, Derek, who is the only person to show any interest in her well-being.

Unable to fit into her new school and completely ignored on her birthday by her father, Sofia destroys one of her father's supermarkets with an intense tornado. Sofia's arrest is broadcast in the news, exposing her as a mutant.

Unwilling to bail out his daughter, Sofia remains in jail until Danielle Moonstar (of the New Mutants and X-Force), who after witnessing her arrest on television, offers her a chance to join the Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning. No longer willing to try hard to please her father, she takes up Danielle's offer but not before saying goodbye to Derek.

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