New comics
Collection FCBD 2017
14 issues pages | 315 мb.

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2000 AD prog 2017 FCBD All Ages - Buffy – Plants vs Zombies FCBD All-New Guardians of the Galaxy – The Defenders FCBD Bongo Comics Free-For-All! FCBD Doctor Who FCBD Dragon Ball Super FCBD Fresh Off The Boat FCBD Legend of Zelda FCBD Rick and Morty FCBD Secret Empire – Spectacular Spider-Man FCBD Street Fighter V – Wrestling Special FCBD
New Comics #01-11 Complete
Continues with issue number 12 on a New Adventure Comics. New Fun already on the stands , Wheeler Nicholson did not waste time in adding a second title in his line. New comics appeared in a smaller format than the New -Fun, one that was similar in size , that are now considered standard-sized comic book size . Thanks to the cover of Vin Sullivan,
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