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Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #43
Nix, the original goddess of the night, indifferent to the fate of the lower when she decides to teach her daughter a lesson mortal strife. But Diana Themyscira determined to protect humanity from the consequences. "Nine Days" Part 2 of 3.
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #42
"Nine Days" Part 1 of 3! It takes nine days, the gods say, for the anvil to fall to Earth from Mount Olympus. But what happens when it hits the world of men? Wonder Woman does not want to know ...
Vampirella Vol.1 - Crown of Worms (TPB)
This is a new era for Vampirella - corpse strewn maelstrom of intrigue and violence, as she pursues her nemesis, Vlad Dracula, through the beating heart of Seattle. The latest scheme is his deadly Dracula again, and this puts Vampirella directly in the path of an ancient and terrible evil one who seeks to devour all life ... maybe even something
NYX #01-07 Complete
NYX follows a group of teenage mutants, all ripped from their homes, as they try to survive on the streets of New York. His biggest contribution to the comic book universe, however, is likely to be considered the fact that it premiered X-23 in the world of comics.
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