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Warlord of Mars - Dejah Thoris Vol.3 (TPB)
Great Toonolian Marshes - one of the worst places in Barsoom with 1800 miles of marsh land infested exotic and dangerous creatures . Dejah Thoris , along with her new pilot Cantos Kan, ventures into this foreboding region expeditionary mission to find much-needed minerals. Studying , Dey obsessed "The Boora Witch ," an ancient demonic creature .
Warlord of Mars - Dejah Thoris Vol.2 (TPB)
Greater and Lesser Helium are united behind Dejah Thoris. But just when it seems that everything is back to normal, precious supply of helium in water begins running dry. Dejah heads to the Antartic caps to investigate, only to find herself pulled into the deadly mysteries of the forbidden adventure yuge.Udalogo hijackers, renegade princesses,
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