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My favorite » » Mike Richardson
113 pages | 126 мb.

Tags: Cut Mike Richardson Todd Herman
Dark-dark night, a dark-dark wood, in an old abandoned house with boarded up windows girl Megan comes to his senses. How did she get here? Why is it blood? Who moans and pleads for help behind the wall in the next room? And what a monster, creaking floorboards, is chosen to unlocked the door to her room ?..

Cut (2007)

Publisher: Dark Horse
Return of the Gremlins
127 pages | 86.5 мb.

Tags: Return of the Gremlins Gus Mike Richardson
When a young American named Gus inherits his late grandfather's English estate, he hopes to sell the place, and be on your way. But then, strange things begin to happen in the house. Gus suspicions confirmed when he discovers the house is haunted is infected Gremlins! This beautiful hardcover collects Back to Dark Horse comics Gremlins and
The Atomic Legion
223 pages | 480.4 мb.

Tags: The Atomic Legion Professor Mike Richardson
In the hidden fortress at the North Pole, the greatest heroes of the past time to live secluded from the world, which rejected them. But when their benefactor, the mysterious scientist known only as Professor kidnapped, it's up to the boy to rally robots, monsters and superheroes in the fortress to come to the rescue as nuclear Legion! From the
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