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The Brothers James #04
The House of the Rising Sun THE PENULTIMATE ISSUE. The road trip of revenge barrels closer to its final destination, taking the brothers face-to-face with a notorious Baton Rouge drug lord with nefarious ties to the James family. As the bullets and emotions fly, Tracy's hidden agenda is revealed, threatening to tear Jack and John apart for good.
137 pages | 146.4 мb.

Tags: Comeback Ed Brisson Michael Walsh
Reconnect agents Mark and Seth go back in time to save people from their untimely demise - for a fee. But, when a rescue mission goes awry, both agents find themselves trapped in the past and on the run from both the FBI, who want to jail them, and their own employers who want to kill them to protect their own dark and deadly secrets. Collects

Comeback (2013)

Publisher: Other
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