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Marvel Tales Vol.2 #01-291 Complete
291 issues pages | 8800 мb.

Tags: Marvel Tales Absorbing Man Spider-Man
First В«Marvel Tales", which will be published by Marvel Comics. Though, from 20 to 7 years before, Marvel Tales 1 was published Marvel Comics-precursors timely Comics. This series started as Marvel Tales annum in the years 1964 and 1965, before he became a monthly series reprint. Most of the questions were only reprint them, but sometimes they
Marvel Tales Vol.1 #93-159 Complete
67 issues pages | 1800 мb.

Tags: Marvel Tales Collection 1949-1957
The numbering of this series was continued from Marvel Comics Mystery issue 92. On the issue 93, the series was changed in Marvel Comics tale after Timely stopped publishing superhero comics and focus on horror and mystery skazok.Seriya continued to release 159.
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