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Marvel Knights Hulk #02
23 pages | 56.1 мb.

Tags: Marvel Knights Hulk High Commander Harrow Hulk
CONTINUED new Hulk EPIC spotlighting two rising stars! Dr. Bruce Banner amnesia woke up in Paris, and now finds himself in a desperate struggle for power ... for the Hulk! Who wants monstrous alter ego Banner to do their bidding, and what happens when he does not know who the Hulk, or how to untie it? Hallucinogenic mystery + + crazy creepy robots
Marvel Knights Hulk #01
24 pages | 31.3 мb.

Tags: Marvel Knights Hulk Dyane Hulk Uncle George
Brand New Hulk EPIC spotlighting unique abilities TWO rising stars! Marvel Knights returns as a platform for the continued flow of unique independent voices as Marvel writer Joe Keating (Glory) and artist Peter Kowalski (sex) to reveal the green goliath! Amnesia Dr. Bruce Bannner awakens on the shore of Siena, and soon finds himself in a desperate
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