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Stray Bullets - Sunshine & Roses #02
You will never find a happier man than Rouz.Mat householder living among the worst murderers, thieves and drug addicts in the city, it was never thought to cross down her crazy. Not to her least favorite person is not connected with the boy she was more than a sweet dalee.Den Rose saw Beth and Orson together something broke inside her, and now
Stray Bullets - Killers #04
When a teen cousin Eli gets his girlfriend Jane knocked down, he agrees to help him to "solve" the problem. But a simple ride to the doctor becomes not at DoubleCross, twisted neighbor, and 0.38 revolver leave Eli and hopelessly in love and hopelessly dry. Find out why the wrong choice you can get shelter dead in "Love Monkey. Monkey love you. "
Stray Bullets - Killers #03
For fifty -five years , Paul lived a life of dead, crushed by the weight of routine and responsibility , self-sacrifice , to his alleged relatives. Other people seem so alive , so ... happy. Paul saw them , and he wants to be one of them. Today , in his fifty-fifth year , Paul is going to stop living in fear. He's going to throw off the yoke of
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