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Lazarus #15
"Conclave", part five Conclave concludes plan and Malcolm seems on the verge of success, but one thing is still standing in his way: Jacob Hawk for judicial duel, and now forever have to fight Lazarus choice hock to death ...
Lazarus #11
"Conclave" part one. For the first time in 65 years, since they shared the world, 16 families going again. For Malcolm Carlyle, is the ability to identify and eliminate your enemies. For Jacob Hawk, it is possible to recover revenge. And Forever Carlyle, is the first step in uncovering the truth about who she is and what she was destined to become.
Lazarus #05
New History of the ARC! "LIFT", Part One Betrayed by Jonah forever begins to question the nature of the family, especially her own. Waste from the entire domain Carlyle trip to Denver in hopes of improving their lives.
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