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Future Imperfect #04
23 pages | 38.7 мb.

Tags: Future Imperfect Destroyer Maestro Thing Ulik
From the frying pan, into the Destroyer! MAESTRO, a thing, and the rest of the crew are looking destroyer in Norseheim ... and find a way more than they bargained for! What visit to Norseheim without total against a guy named Ulic and the army of trolls? The person from the past returns, it could spell trouble for the Baron dystopia?
Future Imperfect #03
SERIES Secret Wars Come to the MAESTRO, you'd better not miss it !!! THING captured? Layla Miller knows the material ... like how to get hold of maestro! But can RUBIN summer and its rebels Layla trust at all?
Future Imperfect #02
MONSTER SMASH !!! Battle Royale between the maestro and the thing !!! But this is Ben Grimm we know and love in this rocky hide? What X-FACTOR member will appear as an unexpected ally of the rebels?
Future Imperfect #01
23 pages | 42.3 мb.

Tags: Future Imperfect Maestro Ruby Summers Thing
About BATTLEWORLD, dictator dystopia IS a familiar face! Terms MAESTRO, but there are those who want to overthrow it! What role RUBIN SUMMERS have in terms of this dangerous rebellion? There were indeed found the rebels one, father of the gods, as an ally against the Maestro?
Spider-Man 2099 #10
24 pages | 26.8 мb.

Tags: Spider-Man 2099 Maestro Strange
Miguel O'Hara, finally found his way back to 2099! But no one but not malicious Maestro took control of dimension! It seems, Spidey can call some strange backup.
Spider-Man 2099 #09
22 pages | 24.8 мb.

Tags: Spider-Man 2099 Maestro Peter David
Miguel O’Hara returns to the year 2099 to discover that his future is now... imperfect!
Hulk #11
23 pages | 40.9 мb.

Tags: Hulk Doctor Strange Lyra Maestro
OMEGA Hulk OFFICIALLY bought a ticket to hell ... DOC GREEN targets LYRA ... AKA She-Hulk SAVAGE future of tundra'S !!! Science runs amok! Mistakes will be made! No happy ending here!

Hulk #11 (2015)

Publisher: Marvel
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