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Archie & Friends - Monkey Madness #1
Archie comics are hilarious. So are monkeys. What happens when they're mixed together? Stories so good you'll go bananas! We're up to some serious monkey business in this 100-page digital exclusive, collecting our most outrageous primate pranks! What happens when Archie tries to bring a monkey home as a pet? Watch what happens when an ape goes ape
Arkham Asylum Madness
112 pages | 50.7 мb.

Tags: Arkham Asylum Madness Arkham Asylum Madness Joker
Arkham Asylum madness - it's a story invented and drawn by Sam Keith. Graphic novel about life in the dungeons of the mental hospital Arkham. In this comic you will not find Batman. Basically, all focused on the medical staff and hospital patients. The main character of a young nurse Sabine have to live the longest night for her in a mental
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