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Agents Of Atlas #01
SON OF ANARCHY! An oppressive domain run by BARON ZEMO! The peoples' only hope? An underground group of rebels... GORILLA-MAN! M-11! NAMORA! VENUS! MARVEL BOY! But their leader JIMMY WOO...captured! Can AGENT COULSON help save the resistance or will he lead them to their doom?
Menace #01-11 Complete
11 issues pages | 397.5 мb.

Tags: Menace Cyrus Virro M-11
Threat ran in 1953 and 1954 for 11 issues. Series is mostly known for the first appearances of Simon Garth Zombie Outstanding 5 and M-11, Human Robot in question 11, which makes them one of the earliest creations of Marvel Comics, is still around.
Agents of Atlas Vol.2 #00-11 HD Complete
After Agents Atlas mini-series, the team got it's own ongoing series. This volume lasted 11 issues after witch she continued to Minis-series called X-Men/Agents Atlas and back-stories in Incredible Hercules during an attack on the Olympus story arc, and Thunder # 139-140, which together will last topics of the series. Then another mini-series was
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